3 ways Malwarebytes helps you browse securely and privately online

3 ways Malwarebytes helps you browse securely and privately online

Malicious links. Third-party ad trackers. Information-gobbling data brokers.

Let’s face it, the Internet is kind of like the Wild West when it comes to threats to our privacy and security. And unfortunately, it takes a little more than a cowboy hat and a pistol to defend yourself out there.

That’s where Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy VPN comes in.

Whether it’s blocking unwanted trackers, securing your personal information, or booting malware off your devices, here are three ways Malwarebytes can help you become the sheriff of your own digital frontier.

1. Let’s you browse anonymously

It’s no secret that some companies are big fans of your personal information.

Your name, your address, location data, and more, are all being collected, packaged up, and sold to advertisers at any given moment. Even menstrual cycle data is fair game.

But one of the most valuable pieces of information is your browsing history, because it says a lot about what you like and where you spend your time. When it comes to getting a good look at your browsing your ISP has a window seat, and in the USA ISPs have been allowed to sell your browsing data since 2017.

The easiest and most effective ways to put a stop to that? Using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN.

VPNs create a secure, encrypted “tunnel” between your device and the VPN server, through which all of your internet traffic is routed—so if your ISP is collecting your data, it won’t be able to read it.

But not all VPNs are equal.

Some VPN providers log your data and browsing history, which means they’re just another ISP that can potentially share your data with third parties. Other VPNs can slow down your Internet to a significant degree, using older encryption methods or having fewer options for servers located nearer to you.

Needless to say, choosing the wrong VPN vendor can feel like trading one poison for another. So if you’re tired of dealing with both data-hungry companies and lackluster VPNs, then look no further than Malwarebytes Privacy.

2. Crushes ads, third-party trackers, and blocks malicious websites

We ignore the many threats to web browsers at our own peril.

Legitimate sites are following us with third-party tracking code, and criminal hackers are busy making friendly sites unfriendly by injecting credit card skimmers, and trying to steal our passwords with phishing sites. One way or another, wherever you go, your personal, sensitive data is being stolen or shared with somebody using it for financial gain.

And your browser? It lets this happen without complaint.

If you think your browser comes with native abilities to block tracking scripts and other threats like phishing websites, though, you’d be half right.

Chrome has the infamously useless ‘Do Not Track’ setting, and anti-phishing engines exist, like Chrome Safe Browsing or Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, but they work with variable levels of success and aren’t enough by themselves.

It stands to reason then that Malwarebytes Browser Guard is the ultimate browsing sidekick for quashing ads, phishing sites, and trackers.

  • You’re in charge. We prevent third-party ad trackers from collecting information about your browsing habits.
  • Shields up. We intercept (and block) malicious skimming scripts your browser can execute them.
  • Clear the clutter. Browse up to 4x faster by blocking ads and other unwanted content.
  • Uses heuristics to sniff out and block unknown phishing sites.
  • Available on your preferred browser—for free!

Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocking a credit card skimming attack

3. Uses multiple protection layers to actively stop threats

A key part of browsing securely online is accepting the risk that no one technology can keep out 100 percent of the threats 100 percent of the time.

To that end, it’s essential to use a strong anti-malware product that catches any threats that do slip through the cracks and make it to your desktop.

But that’s not all. To quote everybody’s favorite ogre, security has “layers” just like onions—your anti-malware should also have multi-layers of defense, not just one.

Because what’s better than one layer of protection? Two.

What’s better than two? Three.

Better than that?

(Okay, you get the point.)

The fact is you don’t want to rely on any one mechanism to keep the wolves at bay, you want several.

Enter Malwarebytes Premium, offering four different layers of malware protection.

  • Advanced web protection. Blocks outgoing or incoming communication so malware can’t receive instructions or steal your data.
  • Malware & PUP protection. Blocks malware, viruses, adware, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), and other threats.
  • Ransomware protection. Proprietary ransomware attack prevention technology.
  • Exploit protection. Blocks malware which seeks to leverage bugs and vulnerabilities in your device.

Go beyond just antivirus. Level-up your security and privacy today.

Choosing between security and privacy shouldn’t feel like a Herculean task.

While no single method is ever 100 percent foolproof, there are some tried and true ways for keeping your data (and device) safe that, if put into practice, will guard you from most of the threats and prying eyes on the Internet.

Downloading Malwarebytes is one of those ways.

With the Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy VPN bundle, you get total protection with smart antivirus, faster, safer web browsing, and our next-gen VPN for your online privacy. Level-up your protection and upgrade to the bundle today.

Stay safe out there!

We don’t just report on threats—we remove them

Cybersecurity risks should never spread beyond a headline. Keep threats off your devices by downloading Malwarebytes today.