ThreatDown Legal

This page is where you can find the terms and conditions for using our software and services.

ThreatDown Software License Agreement (EULA)

The license agreement for using ThreatDown software.

Malwarebytes Support Service Agreement

The agreement for using ThreatDown business support services.

Malwarebytes Managed Services Agreement

This agreement governs the use of ThreatDown Managed Services, including, but not limited to ThreatDown Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

Malwarebytes Commitment to the GDPR and Data Protection

Learn more about ThreatDown commitment to the GDPR and respect for data privacy.

Data Processing Addendum (DPA)

This document is integrated by reference into the ThreatDown Software License Agreement. This DPA is designed to assist customers with their GDPR and data privacy compliance.

Beta Test Software License Agreement

This agreement governs the use of certain beta programs ThreatDown offers.

ThreatDown Copyright Policy

ThreatDown copyright policy and notice of copyright infringement.