OneView updates: Dive into Report 2.0 & the new Global Site Filter

We’re rolling out two new features to enhance usability in OneView, our multi-tenant platform for Managed Service Providers: Report 2.0 and the Global Site Filter. Here’s what you need to know:

Report 2.0: Improved Reporting in OneView

Report 2.0 offers a more streamlined approach to reporting within OneView:

  • Scheduled Reporting: Admins can schedule individual reports directly from the OneView Reports page.
  • Integrated Scheduling from Nebula: .CSV reports that could be scheduled from Nebula can now be scheduled directly through OneView.
  • Unified Interface: Report page has an interface similar to Nebula, providing consistency across platforms.

Scheduling individual reports directly from the Reports page.

New Report (Dropdown Sites)

New Report (Dropdown report type)

New Report (Dropdown Delivery schedule)

Global Site Filter: Streamlined User Experience

The Global Site Filter aims to simplify operations between OneView and the Nebula console. Previously, users needed to toggle between OneView and Nebula to access and modify certain details, which was time-consuming and often cumbersome, especially when dealing with multiple sites.

With the Global Site Filter, we’ve bridged this gap, allowing users to perform tasks in OneView without needing to switch over to the Nebula console.

This is when the page (or tab) you are on is filtered

This is when the page you are on won’t be filtered due to Global data

The message you receive if you click Launch site from the Sites page.

Both updates are part of our commitment to improving the OneView experience by addressing user feedback and simplifying processes. We hope these changes make your interactions with OneView more efficient.

Stay safe out there!