Webinar recap: Ransomware gangs and Living Off The Land attacks (LOTL)

Learn how RaaS gangs use LOTL tactics in their attacks on organizations.

Discover the intersection of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) gangs and Living Off The Land (LOTL) attacks in our latest webinar, now available on-demand, led by cybersecurity experts Ian Thomas, Mark Stockley, and Bill Cozens.

The webinar revealed how RaaS gangs use LOTL tactics, leveraging legitimate IT tools like Powershell and WMI to blend malicious activities within normal network operations, significantly challenging detection efforts.

Attendees gained an in-depth understanding of LOTL attacks, tools exploited by RaaS gangs, and strategies for IT teams to identify and block these advanced threats.

Some highlights from the webinar include:

  • Expert analysis: Insights from seasoned cybersecurity professionals on the critical need for multi-layered defense strategies.
  • Practical advice: Real-world, actionable tips for IT teams to detect and counter covert LOTL operations.
  • Case studies: Detailed scenarios demonstrating the impact and complexity of LOTL attacks.

Understanding the relationship between LOTL and RaaS is vital for evolving cybersecurity strategies. The webinar emphasizes the importance of blending technology and human expertise to detect and combat these sophisticated threats effectively.

Enhance your ransomware knowledge and preparedness by watching this essential webinar on-demand. Alternatively, download the report that the webinar is based on here.

Watch the webinar on-demand