5 key benefits of the ConnectWise Asio and ThreatDown Integration for MSPs 

See how our latest integration with ConnectWise can help your organization.

ThreatDown has added a new integration with ConnectWise Asio, giving ConnectWise customers access to the full portfolio of ThreatDown solutions, including ThreatDown EDR and ThreatDown MDR. 

The ability to manage threats effectively across different platforms and services is crucial for today’s MSPs. A disjointed approach to cybersecurity can leave vulnerabilities unaddressed, affect the quality of service provided, and even increase operational costs 

According to Kaseya’s 2024 MSP Benchmark Report, 67% of IT executives believe that integration between core MSP applications is “very important for their work”, with 75% agreeing that integration between applications “is a time-saving measure”. With the collaboration between ThreatDown and ConnectWise, MSPs and cloud resellers worldwide can address integration challenges issues and vastly enhance their operational efficiency.

Let’s dive into five key benefits of the integration. 

1. Enhanced endpoint security with ThreatDown’s EDR and MDR solutions 

Now, MSPs can leverage ThreatDown’s advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions within the ConnectWise Asio platform, allowing for real-time monitoring and quick response to threats

2. Seamless installation and removal of the OneView Endpoint Agent 

The integration simplifies the process of installing and uninstalling the OneView Endpoint Agent directly through the ConnectWise Asio console. MSPs can manage installations across multiple client systems without having to manually access each device. 

3. Efficient management of endpoint tasks 

MSPs can streamline the management of endpoint tasks within the ConnectWise Asio console. This feature enables administrators to oversee and coordinate security tasks, such as updates and scans, from a single interface

4. Improved service quality and client satisfaction  

By integrating advanced security measures and streamlining management processes, MSPs can respond more effectively to incidents and manage client infrastructures more efficiently, leading to faster resolution times, fewer disruptions, and higher client satisfaction. 

5. Automated ticket generation from endpoint events 

The integration allows for automatic generation of service tickets in response to endpoint agent events, ensuring that any anomalies or security threats are promptly addressed by automatically alerting administrators

A partner program for every go-to-market

Our new integration with ConnectWise Asio is just the latest addition to the library of RMM and PSA integrations we offer to our partners.

No matter your business model, ThreatDown’s partner program is designed to ensure you can grow and adapt how you sell our solutions to accommodate how your customers buy them.

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