Unveiling Nebula's Report 2.0: A new approach to security reporting

Unveiling Nebula’s Report 2.0: A new approach to security reporting

We’re excited to announce Report 2.0, a major upgrade to our report system in Nebula. Report 2.0 is not just a cosmetic touch up—it’s a completely revamped security reporting solution designed to cater to your diverse business requirements, allowing for a more dynamic, data-driven approach to IT security.

Key features of Report 2.0

This upgrade comes as part of a three-phase solution to redefine our reporting capabilities. The core features of Report 2.0 include:

  • More Intuitive User Experience. The upgraded report system offers an intuitive user interface designed to lower barriers and improve visibility into your IT landscape. This feature enables you to make data-driven decisions, effectively enhancing your security approach.
  • Enhanced Visibility. The new system offers an insightful view of your security posture, demonstrating the value Malwarebytes delivers, at your preferred frequency.
  • Integrated Functionality. With the aim of lowering reliance on third-party solutions, Report 2.0 is an integrated solution with all functionalities accessible within the console.
  • Pre-built Report Library. Our new feature includes an expanded library of pre-built report widgets. This comprehensive collection addresses common use cases, complete with interpretations and recommendations, giving you a head start in your reporting tasks.

More formats, better customization

Previously, reports could only be generated in a CSV file format. They displayed various information related to detections of malware, endpoints, logged endpoint events, quarantined items, and detailed information on identified assets.

The new system offers a more comprehensive, engaging reporting experience.

Not just CSV files anymore, you can now generate reports in a PDF format, with charts and graphs included where applicable. Not only that, but an Excel format will be added soon.

Reports can now be sent to multiple recipients, both console and non-console users, with the ability to include or exclude the report creator. An open text field has been also added, allowing for personalized introductions to the reports.

New Report Scheduling Modal

New Email notification

New report types and widgets

Report 2.0 initially introduces the PDF format to the following existing reports as part of a phased rollout:

  • Endpoint Summary
  • Software Inventory Summary
  • Quarantine Summary
  • Events Summary
  • Detection summary

Each report now comes with widgets to capture specific data sets, custom date ranges, and formatted charts. These widgets offer a detailed breakdown that allows for close monitoring of potential threats and strategizing accordingly.

For example, in the ‘Detection Summary’ report, widgets are used to display the total detections, endpoints with the most detections, detections by group and threat category, most frequently detected threats, and detections per day.

Detection Summary report

From ‘Endpoint Summary’ to ‘Software Inventory Summary’, ‘Quarantine Summary’ and ‘Events Summary’, each report offers a comprehensive view of your security landscape.

Endpoint Summary report

Software Inventory report 


Quarantine summary

Events summary

Onwards and upwards

We’re thrilled to bring this new feature to our customers, making your experience with Nebula’s reporting more effective and insightful. Learn more about Report 2.0 here!

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