Malwarebytes receives highest rankings in recent third-party tests

Malwarebytes receives highest rankings in recent third-party tests

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection continues to receive outstanding results in third-party testing. Our recent participation in two highly-regarded industry evaluations, namely MRG-Effitas and Info-Tech’s Data Quadrant Report, reflects our belief that continual testing and unbiased validation are crucial to our mission to deliver easy, effective, and efficient cyber protection for customers. 

Info-Tech’s Data Quadrant report: Malwarebytes ranks #2 overall and #1 across several key areas

Using data collected from real end users, Info-Tech’s Data Quadrant Reports provide a holistic, unbiased view of the product landscape to help you determine which product is right for your organization. Malwarebytes ranked #2 out of 14 organizations in the report, earning a composite satisfaction score of 8.8.


Malwarebytes also took the #1 spot for three different categories: 

  1. Usability And Intuitiveness (Shallow end user learning curve): 87% user satisfaction 

  2. Vendor Support (Offers quality support): 84% user satisfaction 

  3. Flexible Deployment Options (Supports on-premise, cloud and hybrid IT environments): 87% satisfaction

MRG Effitas 360° Assessment & Certification: Badges across the board

MRG Effitas, a world leader in independent IT research, published its antivirus efficacy assessment results in August 2022. We achieved the highest possible score (100%) for a fourth consecutive quarter and received certifications for Level 1 (the highest ranking awarded by MRG Effitas), Exploit, Online Banking, and Ransomware.

Tested and published in a separate report, our mobile product also achieved the MRG Android 360 degree certification. 

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection blocked a wide range of ransomware, fileless attacks and other threats:

  • 100 percent of “in the wild” threats blocked: Tested malware considered as ‘zero-day’, delivered by URLs 

  • 100 percent of ransomware blocked: Tested ‘in-house’ ransomware samples in-house (no possibly known signatures or community verdicts)

  • 100 percent of financial malware blocked: Tested financial malware used in the Magecart credit card-skimming attack

  • 100 percent of fileless attacks blocked: Tested to see how security products protect against a specific exploitation technique

  • 100 percent of PUA/adware blocked: Tested potentially unwanted applications (PUA), that are not malicious, but are generally considered unsuitable for most home or business networks.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection also delivered the fourth best performance rating of all tested vendors, and did it with zero false positives, providing further evidence that the Malwarebytes EP delivers the right combination of powerful detection without affecting overall operating system performance.

Easy, effective, and efficient cyber protection validated by third-party testing

Malwarebytes is committed to regularly subjecting our solutions to third-party testing.

Third-party testing is critical to ensuring that your endpoint security solution performs well where it counts, whether that’s ease-of-use, rate of false positives, percentage of threats blocked, and so on. To read more about what customers have to say about Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and EDR, check out our case studies page.

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