New Security Advisor amps up security in minutes

New Security Advisor amps up security in minutes

Malwarebytes Security Advisor, a transformation of the Nebula customer experience, enables organizations to visualize and improve their organization’s security posture in just a few minutes.

“If you’re not fully configured, you aren’t fully protected,” says Jonny Rivera, Director, Customer Experience Strategy. Rivera has worked with Malwarebytes customers to optimize their deployments and saw that there were big gaps in understanding their overall cybersecurity posture, including what assets they had and how policies were configured.

Security Advisor Dashboard

Security Advisor analyzes an organization’s cybersecurity health—such as by assessment of current inventory and which assets are vulnerable—and generates a score based off what it finds, illuminating gaps in defenses and providing actionable recommendations for improvements that can be made in minutes.

In this post, we’ll demonstrate how Security Advisor works and how it’s improving organizations’ security postures.

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Why Security Advisor?

In a world where a whopping 70% of IT security personnel cite increasing workload and lack of visibility into IT infrastructure as top barriers to success, it’s easy to see why simplicity is the key to optimizing security while reducing employee burnout.

But there’s a problem.

Without a real-time snapshot of device usage or quick summaries of outdated applications, for example, IT teams are left scrambling to pick up the pieces of the information most important to them—ultimately increasing the mean time to resolution (MTTR) from days to possibly months.

Enter Malwarebytes Security Advisor.

A Leap Beyond Traditional Reporting

Security Advisor overview page

Security Advisor understands the specific tasks IT & security teams must perform, and flags which are crucial before a security issue arises.

With Security Advisor, organizations now have a real-time view into four key areas:

1. The CURRENT STATE of their security posture. Security Advisor provides a comprehensive snapshot of the existing security measures, revealing vulnerabilities and strengths such as properly configured policies or endpoint deployment.

2. The steps to IMPROVE the organization’s current security posture. Once the current state is understood, Security Advisor outlines actionable steps that organizations can take to enhance security measures, mitigate risk and safeguard assets.

Security Advisor policy optimization 

3. How to MAINTAIN the improved security posture. Since security doesn’t end with the implementation of improvements, Security Advisor guides customers on how to maintain the elevated security status over time, ensuring sustained protection.

4. How to REPORT the organization’s current posture. Crucial for transparency and accountability, Security Advisor equips users with the tools to effectively communicate the company’s security status.

By guiding and facilitating immediate actions, Security Advisor speeds a holistic approach to security management.

Key Features

Inventory Check

Security Advisor offers a complete inventory of physical and digital assets, identifies which devices and services are in use and by whom, and presents this information in a user-friendly dashboard.

Current State Analysis

Assesses the vulnerabilities associated with your assets. It checks for out-of-date devices, scans for threats, evaluates data security, and identifies any employees who may pose a greater security risk.

Security Advisor issues by severity

Access Control

Security Advisor enables simple and intuitive configuration of permissions and keeps track of changes over time, providing clear visibility of user permissions.

Maintenance and Reporting

Security Advisor’s maintenance and reporting capabilities provides real-time status updates and prompt alerts on any emerging issues, while also supporting compliance reporting for various regulations.

Adaptive Recommendations

As your business changes and grows, Security Advisor offers suggestions for additional security solutions that can further enhance the organization’s security portfolio.


Security Advisor leverages anonymized data from all Malwarebytes customers to provide benchmark comparisons with other organizations with a similar security mix.

“Whether it’s checking to see if EDR policies are properly configured or making sure scheduled scans are running regularly, we’re providing the recommended actions organizations need to quickly improve security and get back to running their business,” said Jonny Rivera.

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