ThreatDown earns highest ratings across EDR and MDR categories in G2 Spring 2024 results

See what real users said about ThreatDown solutions.

The peer-to-peer review source G2 has released their Spring 2024 reports, ranking ThreatDown as a leader across a number of EDR and MDR categories.

Based on verified customer reviews, ThreatDown was voted a Leader in the overall and Mid-Market grid report for EDR, winning awards for “Most Implementable,” “Fastest Implementation,” “Easiest to Use,” “Best Usability,” and more. ThreatDown MDR, on the other hand, won awards for “Leader” and “Most Implementable“.

Let’s dive more into how ThreatDown performed in G2 Spring 2024 and take a look at real user quotes. 

EDR that brings down complexity

Feedback from real users placed ThreatDown EDR as the most user-friendly EDR solution available in the Mid-Market Usability Index, with a Usability Score that surpasses all vendors. Carbon Black, for example, scored 7.85 on the Usability Index compared to ThreatDown’s 9.5. 

If you are purchasing ThreatDown, then you have made the correct choice. You will quickly see how easy it is to implement, and how great their support is.

Mauro B. 

Easy to use and implement, along with great support and support tools at your disposal, along with courses to help you become more familiar with the inner workings.

Doug C. 

Fastest to Implement EDR

ThreatDown EDR proudly holds the #1 spot the Mid-Market Implementation Index. Our “Most Implementable” and “Fastest Implementation” subscores for this category outpace the industry average by multiple percentage points. 

Very easy to install and deploy, setup, and configure – for instance – a 5 machine setup would take roughly ~10 mins from start to finish.”

Verified User 

Best ROI for EDR 

ThreatDown EDR had the best estimated ROI (payback period in months) for on the “Enterprise Results Index for EDR” , outperforming vendors like Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, CrowdStrike, and others.

The best part about ThreatDown is the set it and forget it. It has saved us so much time on deployment and remediation that it pays for itself in no time at all.

Ron M.

It keeps our working environment much more secure than our previous solution. Much easier to manage in real time. This thing is a money saver and pays for itself.

Tyson B.

MDR Leader

ThreatDown MDR placed on multiple reports for G2 Spring 2024 reports, winning badges for “Leader” and “Most Implementable”.

Our School district saw the need to have EDR and MDR software installed and allowed us to install it throughout our campus. It gives our district peace of mind to know our network is monitored 24 hours a day. The interface is also easy to use.

Clurman S.

ThreatDown MDR is simple to deploy and manage. They increase our security posture, meet cyber security insurance requirements, and make a great partner to augment my small IT team.

Steve S. 

ThreatDown provides an MDR team with skills, experience, knowledge, price, and 24-hour coverage that far surpasses what we could hire ourselves, as a medium-sized industrial firm in the Midwest. The team members are mostly ex-military or ex-government security specialists, putting us in very safe hands

Tammy O.

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