ThreatDown earns highest ratings across EDR and MDR categories in G2 Winter 2024 results 

Dive more into how ThreatDown performed in G2 Winter 2024.

The peer-to-peer review source G2 has released its Winter 2024 reports, ranking ThreatDown products on top across several Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) categories. 

Based on verified customer reviews, ThreatDown EDR was voted a Leader in the overall and mid-market grid reports for EDR, winning awards for Most Implementable, Fastest Implementation, Easiest Admin, Best Usability, and more. ThreatDown MDR also won awards for Ease of Use, Highest User Adoption, and more. 

Let’s dive more into how ThreatDown performed in G2 Winter 2024 and look at quotes from IT professionals using ThreatDown solutions daily.  

EDR that brings down complexity 

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) systems are grappling with significant complexities. Deployment challenges delay ROI and increase vulnerability to breaches. A lack of integrated tools in EDR necessitates additional platforms, creating operational and security gaps. Additionally, everyday management burdens, like alert overload, strain small IT teams and reduce productivity. 

Feedback from real users said ThreatDown EDR is the most user-friendly EDR solution available in the Mid-market Usability Index, with a Usability Score that surpasses the average across all other vendors. 

ThreatDown EDR deploys within minutes, featuring a lightweight endpoint agent, robust integrations, and an intuitive cloud-native management console. 

Dashboard view of ThreatDown Nebula console, featuring Security Advisor

“The Nebula console is one of the most user-friendly interfaces we’ve come across. We can’t recommend it enough.” 

Justin N.  

“Malwarebytes makes it simple to deploy. Additionally, the user interface has minimal impact on the end-user, so [it’s] win-win. Support are happy to help when you do hit the occasional bump and the portal is easy to use and very responsive.” 

John K. 

Fastest to Implement EDR 

Malwarebytes EDR proudly holds the #1 spot on the mid-market Implementation Index. Our industry-leading ‘ease of setup’ and ‘implemention time’ won us the Most Implementable and Fastest Implementation awards for this category. 

With the average deployment timeline for traditional EDRs stretching up to 18 months for small security teams, a swifter solution means faster protection and resource savings. 

Smaller teams can’t afford extensive learning curves, which is why they prioritize implementation costs (50 percent) in their endpoint security more than anything else. (Global Surveyz)  

ThreatDown EDR, the cornerstone of most ThreatDown Bundles, takes the complexity out of EDR deployment with an average time to become fully operational that is two times shorter than the industry average. 

You can distribute the ThreatDown Endpoint Agent to endpoints either manually to each user or automatically via network-wide remote deployment tools. 

“If you are purchasing Malwarebytes, then you have made the correct choice. You will quickly see how easy it is to implement, and how great their support is.” 

Mauro B. 

“Very easy to install and deploy, setup, and configure – for instance – a 5 machine setup would take roughly ~10 mins from start to finish.” 

Verified User 

“Easy to use and implement, along with great support and support tools at your disposal, along with courses to help you become more familiar with the inner workings.” 

Doug C. 

MDR with the Highest User Adoption 

ThreatDown MDR placed on multiple reports for G2 Winter 2023 reports, winning awards for “Ease of Use,” “Highest User Adoption,” “Easiest to do Business With,” “Easiest Admin,” and “Easiest to Use.” 

ThreatDown MDR provides powerful and affordable threat detection and remediation services with rapid set-up and 24×7 monitoring and investigations. Our top-tier MDR analysts protect your organization from cyberthreats through accelerated threat detection and response to incidents—allowing you to focus on growing your business. 

“Malwarebytes MDR is simple to deploy and manage. They increase our security posture, meet cyber security insurance requirements, and make a great partner to augment my small IT team.” 

Steve S.  

“We wanted to extend our SOC team with MDR services, and that has always been our vision with Malwarebytes since we look at the company as a partner, rather than a vendor. Malwarebytes MDR enables us to meet the need for 24 x7 coverage with professional security experts who work in the industry every day.” 

Matthew Verniere, Richards Building Supply 

“Cyber threats are 24/7, and my team needs to sleep. The MDR team watching our network around-the-clock gives us a chance to sleep without worry. With Malwarebytes MDR backing us up, I also finally got to step away and take a two-week vacation. I’m just glad to know that we have a security team watching over our shoulder and making sure it’s all clear.” 

Dennis Davis, IT Systems Manager, Drummond 

Experience ThreatDown bundles: Award-winning ROI, user-friendly, and effective threat defense  

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