ThreatDown vs Trellix

Not all endpoint security solutions are created equal. Don’t trust outdated, complicated solutions to fully protect your endpoints.

ThreatDown offers customers powerfully simple endpoint security that takes down threats, takes down complexity and takes down costs.

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Head-to-head comparison

ThreatDown vs Trellix Comparison Chart

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Challenges with using Trellix endpoint security products

Difficult to Use

Customers report that deploying Trellix endpoint security products is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. ThreatDown offers a simple installation process and ongoing automated implementation guidance provided by our built-in Security Advisor.

Inadequate Attack Surface Coverage

Trellix offers a number of standalone endpoint security tools but does not provide key adjacent security protection like vulnerability assessment, patch management or DNS filtering. ThreatDown provides bundles with much broader attack surface coverage.

Lack of Ransomware Rollback Protection

If your environment is impacted by ransomware, it is important that your endpoints can be restored to a time prior to the attack to minimize damage. ThreatDown provides the ability to restore your endpoints to seven days before the attack took place.

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Why choose ThreatDown over Trellix?

Powerfully simple security without the headache of complex implementations, time-consuming management and complicated licensing schemes

Best-in-Class Security

Find and stop threats with best-in-class security, validated by independent third-party testing.

Simplified Operations

Install, configure and manage your endpoint security protection with a single, lightweight agent and an easy-to-understand user dashboard.

Right-Sized Solutions

Our bundles were built for organizations with resource-constrained IT teams rather than large enterprises with big budgets, large security teams, and Security Operations Centers.

Compare Solution Portfolios

Comparison Chart for ThreatDown and Trellix Portfolios

Next-Gen Antivirus Protection

Consistent top ranking of Level 1 certification in MRG Effitas 360 degree testing and #1 Endpoint Security Suite by G2.

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