ThreatDown vs Bitdefender

Not all endpoint security solutions are created equal.

ThreatDown offers customers superior protection, outstanding customer support and minimal impact to devices being protected.

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Head-to-head comparison

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Ease of management
Single user console and a single lightweight agent for managing all ThreatDown solutions.
Multiple user consoles and agents required.
Device performance impact
ThreatDown’s lightweight agent has a negligible impact on devices being protected.
Customers report that Bitdefender’s agents negatively impact the performance of protected devices.
Automated deployment guidance
Security Advisor (included for all customers) offers a security score that reflects the current state of the deployment, guidance on improvements and provides the ability to make the changes.
Does not offer any kind of automated guidance on the current effectiveness of a customer’s deployment or how to improve. Users also report that product documentation is poor.
Customer support
Rated as a 4.5 out of 5 on Gartner Peer Insights.
Rated at a 3.5 out of 5 on Gartner Peer Insights.

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Challenges with using Bitdefender endpoint security products

Ease of Use and Management

Bitdefender requires multiple agents and user consoles to manage the same technologies that ThreatDown provides in a single user console and with a single, lightweight agent.

Negative Performance Impact

Customers report that Bitdefender’s agents consume excessive resources on the devices they’re installed on, resulting in a negative impact on device performance.

Limited Ransomware Protection & Restoration

ThreatDown provides the ability to restore your endpoints back up to seven days before the attack took place. Bitdefender offers “ransomware remediation”, which is quite limited when compared to ThreatDown’s 7-day ransomware rollback protection.

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Why choose ThreatDown over Bitdefender?

Powerfully simple security without the headache of complex implementations, time-consuming management and complicated licensing schemes

Best-in-Class Security

Find and stop threats with best-in-class security, validated by independent third-party testing.

Simple Operations

Install, configure, and manage your endpoint security protection from a single user console and with a single, lightweight agent.

Superior Customer Support

ThreatDown’s customer support is rated significantly higher than Bitdefender in customer reviews.

Compare Solution Portfolios

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Includes Security Advisor / Health Check
Includes Vulnerability Assessment for Free
Includes Application Block for Free
Integrated DNS Filtering Available
Integrated Mobile Security Available
7-day Ransomware Rollback

Next-Gen Antivirus Protection

Consistent top ranking of Level 1 certification in MRG Effitas 360 degree testing and #1 Endpoint Security Suite by G2.

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